Are You Digital ?

If your business is not visible on internet, there’s still time to change it right now. Let’s Get Digital!

About me

I’m Cindy, founder of DsignPoint Agency, web designer and web strategist. 
I help businesses go digital and help them grow their online visibility.

If you are already online and not getting results, I help you diagnose your business digital health and bring the right solutions. 

Sometimes all we need is to see things with another perspective. 
Understand how going online works and what it takes to be visible.

No actions can be taken
if you don't understand the problem

Think about a new way

I came up with the GET DIGITAL STRATEGY to turn your business into an online weapon. 
Can you recognize your or your business in one of those statements?

Then Get Digital Strategy is for You !

How it works ?


First let's get into the problem.
If you are not online, I will help you analyse the possibilities to make you go digital.
If you already are online and not getting results, I will help you detect all problems that prevent you to succeed online.


When diagnostic is done it's time to make a solution plan. The results will depend on the effectiveness of the plan, that's why my priority is to present to each client a plan adapted to his needs and in accordance with his personality.


It's time to put our plan into action. Together with my team, we will make sure that the plan is successful and that it brings the desired results. Meetings will be scheduled with the client, in order to integrate him in the projet process.


And since all work pays off, the time will come when we will be able to analyze our results and adjust our techniques in order to always improve them. It is a long term work that will bring success to your business.

Not Convinced yet ?

Let’s get in touch! I will answer all your doubts you may still have.

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