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Find your ideal life balance with Julie

Becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult step; we seek to discover our gift and how to exploit it to convert it into a business plan.

For the first topic on entrepreneurship and how to approach it, I give you the exciting interview of Julie Dedry, a young woman remarkable for her experience and her daily work: helping others find their mission of life, and so balance their areas of life.

Julie started her adventure with studies in Eco Science and developed her sense of leadership, which is how to express her ideas and bring people to change. During her six years of working in the Marketing sector as Product Manager of Consumer Credit, Julie decided to resume herbal studies to satisfy her passion for nature and self-care.

Without telling you more, I wish you a good reading!

Julie, can you tell us a bit about your career? How you’re going to get by?

Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by all that was discipline, routines and the sacred in general. I admired the people who lived in the holy by dedicating moments and places to take time for them. Spas, churches, and monasteries have always fascinated me.

I used to dream about becoming a model. To finance my shootings, I started cleaning nursing homes at the age of 14.

I was a model for six years, and I did not just want to be a model. When I bought my first Vogue magazine, Claudia Schiffer, my idol of the time, made the cover and an insert said: “to each his destiny.” I then really clicked and said to myself, “That’s what I want to do” and not so much for being a model and scrolling, but for fulfilling my dream and telling me that everything was possible and that I had no limit. I then started to read biographies about all the creators and the sociological role of the garment to be able to tell me that I was a model built, who had an opinion, without being seen as a simple hanger. The problem is that we were never asked our opinion, and I was tired of being considered a woman subject after a while.

In parallel, I started a master’s degree in Eco Science during which I participated in many activities to develop leadership. I then went on an exchange trip to Copenhagen where I did a specialization in female leadership to understand how women exercised their leadership.

I worked at BNP for six years in marketing, and I learned a lot about everything that was campaigns, needs, consumers, so really in the heart of the subject. I also took a two-year study of herbal medicine, because I have always been connected with self-care and nature.

Then comes March 22, the day of the attacks in Brussels. I was in the train right in front. It was a state of siege and carnage in the city. Finally, I was able to go to work.

My boss called me in his office and said: “listen to the color of the PowerPoint, it is not that great “. Then I came out of the office, and I looked out the window and swore it was my last day, that I was not going to miss my life anymore and that I was going to respect life while respecting.

Besides, I couldn’t see my son as often as I wished. I could only see him an hour a day, but as a mother, it’s unnatural not to see his children. I stopped working, without anything, without a job, without knowing how I was going to handle it.

I found a job in a box that accompanies startup, people who want to start as an independent, and for two years, with a team of ten people, we have attended 200 people each year to create their project. So I was confronted daily with all the questions that arose about launching an idea.

After regrouping all the brakes they were facing (which the entourage in large part), I decided to organize a seminar by bringing together all the people who could be concerned. It was a success, and I am currently at my sixth seminar.

You started a method called Unlimit-It, what does it consist of?

Unlimit-It is four steps that balance the areas of life.

The first is to know what you want, so your vision. Generally, people do not know what they want, and so I work with methods that activate the right brain and not the left brain.

Then, once you have that vision, you have to establish your plan to get there. So you do a program on the one hand and, on the other side, you will find the real motivations of your goals or your desires.

Thirdly, it is the daily life that is a huge obstacle: how to manage your spouse, manage bills, have more time, get more space, more resources to implement this change daily. So here I use a whole series of tools, techniques, beliefs, feedbacks that I had to free myself from the time, space and resources that allowed me to devote myself to me to rebalance myself.

Lately, if you do not have energy, you will not go far, and so we focus on how do you manage your energy because it’s a long distance run. To control your energy, you must reconnect with your sensitivity, who you are, your needs and be able to act accordingly. In this context, I propose the creation of guides, routines, points of reference: one for the morning, one for the evening, one for the week, one for the month, which resumes, in your four areas of life, all the actions you should do to move forward in your projects or in your life balance.

Having this guide, which is never respected as such in practice, is the point of reference for your ideal balance of life. So the idea is to regularly go back and forth between real life and the guide to see if you are more or less distant from your balance.

The guide helps manage the balance and not reinvent hot water every day by asking what to do and finally getting further and further away from your comfort zone.

You have always been close to the idea of nature, of self-care. Are these concepts that always accompany you?

Nature and self-care is an area that I am beginning to assume more and more. I have always been sensitive to everything that is energetic, and so I work a lot with everything related to oracles, clocks, and other sacred objects.

I also work a lot with the chakras. My model is that there is a chakra that will feed you, it is the concept of the families of souls, and that your mission of life is related to your nourishing chakra, so you have to find it.

The more you are going to devote yourself to your mission of life, the more you will absorb energy through the connected chakra and recharge your energy. This energy is vital to get to know oneself and to know one’s life mission because alignment is a change that takes much energy. However, once you’re connected, you also get a lot of energy.

So how do you do when a person is not very adept of this believing side?

I do not oblige people who come to see me and people come even if they are not religious. However, they do not come to see me by chance, that I am convinced. Even if they do not take action immediately, I know that the message will have been a little seed that will serve them for the future. In the end, I do not try to convince anyone, because the best way to make people change is the “Lead by Example.” I only show what I live, and I share my happiness, my joys, my sorrows, my difficulties. I am an example, a testimony, nothing more. I’m just giving inspiration and energy. After, they take or do not take. Everyone has his evolution and his challenges. There are no judgments.

The more you spread your full potential, the more you will have an impact in the world.

Why is it essential for you to aspire to live without compromise when you are an entrepreneur?

It is essential to express your full potential and to radiate as much as possible because the more you spread your full potential, the more you are yourself, the more authentic you are, the more you are in your power, the more you will have an impact in the world. In that, it’s imperative. This approach is also possible by being salaried to be aligned with a job.

What would be your advice for someone who finds themselves in a situation of frustration with their spouse who does not intend to change?

The first thing is that if you feel the need to change something, you do not have to ask permission from your spouse to do it, you do it. That’s the first of the keys. The second is that you have to be able to make the spouse aware of the changes and the importance they have. To make him aware, you have to show him your dream. You have to give him a visualization board, mood boards or drawings of your dream life, that you put it in an image so that he will be aware of what you want to achieve, without forgetting to speak his language. For example, at home, I created an Excel file with all the household chores I shared with my husband to tell him: “These are the tasks I’m doing, that’s what you do, can these tasks be divided up differently?.” So putting things black on white, it has a lot more impact than talking because there were tasks he did not even think about. It would be best to have practical tools. I communicated in his way: I showed him a business plan and how I was going to do it. So it reassured him in his male side, and in exchange, he was kind enough to see his organization so that I have more space and time, even physically, at home to devote myself to my project.

Can we follow your method if you do not live in Belgium?

Yes, I do seminars, individual accompaniments at my home and individual sessions by Skype. My seminar training will also soon be broadcast as digital training.

Want to test Julie’s method and discover your mission of life? Have a look to her website!

What about you? Did you find your mission of life?
Do you want to talk about it? Leave a comment!

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