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Simple methods to manage your business

Before reading this article, I advise you to read first:

In my last post, I presented the 5 tips delivered by web trainers, which seemed to me to be poorly adapted and difficult to implement when running a business.

Fortunately, not everything is lost, and it’s still possible to be an entrepreneur today.

You will need motivation, a lot of perseverance and some simple methods that I will talk about in this article.

To me, entrepreneurship is an enriching adventure. We learn a lot on our own and develop the ability to understand certain things that will serve us for a lifetime.
Therefore, even if, after trying to manage a business, you fail, it will never be in vain. Everything you have learned during this time will have made you better in many areas.

So here we go with some very simple methods that require only motivation and energy, and that will help you manage your business more easily:

1. Time management

We will all agree on this point: good time management allows us to do multi-tasking more easily and above all without feeling overwhelmed. When starting a business alone or even in pairs, it is essential to organize your time. In fact, the impossibility of delegating at the very beginning will force you to manage several tasks at the same time.

For this reason, first of all, you have to define priorities. It is difficult, if not impossible, to do everything during the day, which lasts only 24 hours. The goal being to limit our working hours to 8 hours a day, it is essential to decide which are the most important tasks for you.

The best way is to define according to the time it takes.

For example, if in my calendar, I have a 2-hour gap, then I choose a task that will take that long to complete, and I block those 2 hours for that task. If, on the other hand, I have a whole flexible day, then you might want to start with the tasks that take less time and do them one after the other, and once it’s over, start with more significant tasks.

It’s also a good practice to divide the major tasks.

In my case, I tend to think that developing a website is a big task, so it’s normal to wonder where to start. Usually, we end up mixing all the tasks, doing them all at the same time. But this will slow down your working time, and eventually, you will end up wondering where you stand in the project, and it will cause stress.

So the most important thing is to think that a big task is perhaps one of the stages of the whole project, and in it, there are several tasks. So I make my list by trying to create tasks that will only take 2 to 3 hours maximum to complete. If a job takes longer, you should try to dissect it a little more. It is easier to work concentrated for 2 hours than to stay 8 hours in a row on the same task.

Another piece of advice: measure your time.

It is normal at the beginning, not to know how long it takes to do a particular task. And so, how are we supposed to fulfill our task schedule?

At first, you will need to measure the time you take to complete a specific task and, perhaps, record it in a time book made in Excel, for example.

There is a very efficient application to measure time: Toggl.

It is a 100% free application that will allow you to record time, pause it when you also take a break and resume afterward. You will be able to name each task and at the end of the week, have statistics on time spent on your projects.

In the medium term, this will allow you to better understand your speed in performing a task and therefore improve your working time.

And the last thing to do is automate

Some tasks can be automated and save you time.

For example, if you have invoices to do, choose an online invoicing program. Even if your business seems small and does not require an application, believe me, it is a plus that will help you in the long term. This is a considerable time-saving.

If you have a service that requires a quote, then make a quote form on your website with all the questions the customer must answer to get an estimated cost. This way, you will avoid unnecessary email exchanges and thus offer the customer a quick response to his request. This method allowed a customer of mine to go from 2 quotes per week to 5 per day in just two months because he was able to manage them 3 times faster.

2. Expose your business

Advertising is undoubtedly the best way to make yourself known. However, when you start, costs can rise very quickly, and you can’t afford to invest a lot.

My first advice would be to ask your family and friends to broadcast on their social networks. To do this, make sure you have a distribution link to send them: it can be a landing page, your website, or your Facebook page, for example.

Thanks to this, your family and friends will be aware of your existence.
Another method would be to subscribe to as many facebook groups as possible to post your service offers and thus reach a closer and more targeted audience.

TIP: in these groups you will post maximum twice a month and not in all groups at once because otherwise you risk being blocked by Facebook for spam.

And one last thing you can do is accept as many invitations as possible to parties. Attempt local events and free conferences, because even if it is not for the purpose of selling, you never know who you can meet at these places.

These types of events are generally free and advertised on local magazines/newspapers and on the city’s website.

If you are somewhat shy, you don’t need to engage in a conversation directly. Sometimes only listening to others talking will allow you to be integrated into a conversation more easily. Above all, you must be present.

3. Sell your personality

We often think that we must sell our services and products at all costs. However, in a world extremely saturated by the number of similar businesses, only the human remains authentic. In other words, your product may be the same as your competition, but you are by no means the same as the person who sells it. It is essential to differentiate yourself and create authenticity: sell your personality, your originality, and this will help you to sell your product as well.

Use Instagram and Facebook in your name to sell your company by adding your personality. Take pictures of your daily life at work, show your passion for what you do, and engage followers through contests, promotions, Q&Rs, etc.

For the shy ones, you don’t need to show your face or make videos. Instead, show your surroundings, the atmosphere of your work, write a blog with tips, advice, ideas that can, at the same time, suggest buying your services or products.

The blog is no longer used to sell directly, at least not nowadays. Indeed there are millions of blogs all over the world. To succeed in breaking through, you have to write very interesting content. However, I always advise making one because it helps the shyest people to communicate with their target audience and start opening up more to others. It is a way to test if your content appeals even if it is only to two or three people.

And a blog also requires you to train your inspiration in other to bring something new to your business.

4. Read, read, read….

Books are becoming less and less popular and are giving way to videos on the Internet. However, there are some great works for each domain, useful and inspiring, awaiting you to read it.

So do them a favor and, more importantly, do yourself a big favor, read books from your field or other areas that can inspire you.

Books are often peaceful moments that will allow you to relax, focus on yourself, and thus fill up with ideas and inspiration.
For that, I advise you to take a subscription to Amazon Prime. You will find gems in all languages and for all the topics that you can read on your computer or tablet.

That’s all for today, I hope I could bring you real solutions!

Feel free to test all this and tell me, in the comments or via, if the advice has helped you to improve the management of your business!

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